GCcheck: About this service

What's GCcheck.com?
GCcheck provides the ability to add or search for coordinates of caches from Geocaching.com. The service is free of charge and ad-free.

Data Privacy
GCcheck.com doesn't save any data of visitors. Neither hits/visits nor entered data while checking solutions will be logged. Entered coordinates are only used to check for the correctness and are discarded immediately after.
Coordinates of entered caches are stored encrypted and aren't human readable, not even for the operator of this page. Entries are compared encrypted. This means, every question for "lost" coordinates is senseless. Even with the best will, there's no chance to retrieve them.

Now what's different from other checkers?
GCcheck.com provides the ability for cacheowners to choose a custom fuzzyness for the results. Up to 30m are possible. Furthermore it's possible to add additional hints, only shown if someone got the right result. So you don't need to post backstabbing hints at Geocaching.com. As owner you get a link for a page where you can edit your entry at a later point. So typos can be easily fixed. Last but not least: GCcheck.com is looking so much better than the competitors. ;)

Wanna contact us?
Nothing easier than that! Send us a mail: contact(at)gccheck.com
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